Form_Capabilities::map_capabilities( string|array|false $mode )

Sets the mapping mode for capabilities.


Capabilities can be dealt with manually, or meta capabilities can be mapped to base capabilities, or all capabilities can be mapped to other WordPress capabilities.

By default, mapping is entirely disabled.

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(string|array|false) (Required) The new mapping mode. This can either be set to 'meta' in order to map meta capabilities only, a plural slug like 'posts' in order to map to WordPress capabilities of that slug, an array with individual key mappings, or false to disable mapping.


File: src/db-objects/forms/form-capabilities.php

	public function map_capabilities( $mode ) {
		parent::map_capabilities( $mode );

		if ( isset( $this->capability_mappings[ $this->base_capabilities['manage_item_settings'] ] ) && 'manage_item_settings' === $this->capability_mappings[ $this->base_capabilities['manage_item_settings'] ] ) {
			unset( $this->capability_mappings[ $this->base_capabilities['manage_item_settings'] ] );


Version Description
1.0.0 Introduced.