apply_filters( 'torro_use_aggregate_calculations_breakpoint', int $breakpoint, string $slug, awsmug\Torro_Forms\DB_Objects\Forms\Form $form )

Filters the breakpoint for when to use aggregate results for evaluating submissions.


If the number of available completed submissions for a form is higher than the breakpoint, aggregate results will be used. Otherwise the calculations will be performed live.

Powerful setups may increase the breakpoint as needed to get more accurate results for higher submission counts, as aggregate results may possibly be less precise than live calculations.



(int) (Optional) Breakpoint count to use. Default is 100 submissions.


(string) (Optional) Slug of the evaluator for which the breakpoint is checked.


(awsmug\Torro_Forms\DB_Objects\Forms\Form) (Optional) Form for which the breakpoint is checked.


Version Description
1.0.0 Introduced.